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A Film Short

A walk down the streets of any city in the United States shows a striking poverty - the hungry and homeless, poor and hopeless, begging on street corners, side by side with society's well-off and elite, the spiritually impoverished, who move blindly and unceasingly from workday to workday, both of them without thought to a deeper meaning in their lives.

In these same communities, women in religious vocations embody the mystery, joy, and peace of a life devoted to God. Join us as we follow three orders of Sisters in an ordinary day as they live out their extraordinary call from God: in prayer, daily devotion, community service, and recreation throughout the streets of New York.

"Women of Mystery, Women of Hope" captures the hope inherent to the Sisters' ministry as they serve all of us – the poor, the lost, the unloved, and the unwanted – through their action and prayer, working daily to transform lives and mend souls, fulfilling the role of the nun as mother and sister in each of our lives, whether we have met her or not.

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