Latest News:

1/19/2008 - Sountrack: "Take My Hand"

Listen to our original score, composed by Liza Kravinsky, Art Palette Productions.

1/9/2008 - Video Snapshot of our recording session at the The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

See Liza direct the choir and strings in the recording of our original score for the film.
Musical score composed by Liza Kravinsky, Art Palette Productions.

12/19/2008 - Holiday Cocktail Party & Fundraiser a Success

Our holiday finishing funds party was a big success! See photos from the event, available courtesy of Bryan McKinney ( Thanks, Bryan, for your hard work!

12/15/2008 - Bumper Stikers Available!

You can now support the film and show your love for women religious at the same time:

Buy Now!
I Love Nuns!

12/9/2008 - Trailer Now Online!

Check out the trailer for the film.

8/8/2008 - Video Interviews

On July 16, 2008, our film made its big-screen debut at The Domain in Sydney, Australia. About two thousand people from around the world attended the premiere. Our dedicated team of Jeff Stuckman (video operator) and Phil Koshute (interviewer) spoke with audience members after the film to get their feedback. See the video now.

7/16/2008 - Film Debut

Our first cut of the film debuted on Wednesday evening (Australia time) at The Domain in Sydney, leading up the "Short and Sweet" film series put on by World Youth Day. About 2,000 people were there to see our show on the big screen, and we had a team on-site handing out our fliers and promoting the project. Thanks to Jeff, Phil, Ervin, and James! The guys took some photos of the premiere and even a video or two, so check back soon...

7/11/2008 - Recording at the Shrine!

We gathered about 20 singers and a string quintet Friday at the National Shrine in Northeast DC for the (hopefully) final recording session for our sountrack. Everything ran smoothly, thanks to Martha's organizing skills! (And a special thanks to our team of helpers: Aaron, Jennifer, Eric, Jeanne, Glynnis, and Catherine.) Carol tracked down some free food for all the musicians and crew, courtesy of the Pizza Boli's, Yes! Organic Market, and Safeway, in Brookland, DC, and the Dominos Pizza in downtown DC.

The musicians played together beautifully to Liza's amazing score, the choir sounded lovely, and we got some great tracks! Nathan will mix the music into the soundtrack this week.

Coming up: Our film debuts in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, July 16! It will play with a few other short films to an audience at this summer's World Youth Day.

7/3/2008 - Choir Rehearsal

On Thursday evening we met with our choir for the first time! We've gathered a small but talented ensemble of voices for the recording session that will take place next week. Everyone learned the music so quickly that we had time to record ourselves and get a feeling for how we'll sound in the final score. We'll record the choir again, as well as a small string orchestra, at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Northeast DC next Friday to create the last pieces of our official soundtrack. Thanks to all our singers for coming out and staying good-natured despite the lack of air-conditioning!

7/1/2008 - It's been a busy week

The team has been swamped for the past week at our various tasks. Jordan has edited down the film footage to his favorite shots, which he has been organizing into an official "first cut" of the film. Nathan and Liza have been recording and mixing down the soundtrack, incorporating chants that Liza captured during our weekend with the Sisters, electric guitar solos, and vocals. Martha wrote lyrics for our original score. Carol has kept us all pushing forward, and we're still aiming for Sydney next week! To top it all off, we are recording a string octet and choir next week to finish off our soundtrack. Keep us in your prayers! We have a lot on our plate right now.

6/23/2008 - Talent Call!

Musicians and Choral Members:
Join a talented, young film team as we record the score for our 5-minute film short. There is no text or dialogue for this documentary, so the film score makes up half the film and sets the scene in a nun's day of prayer, outreach, and recreation.

We would love for you to participate! Are you interested? The soundtrack includes original scoring, both orchestral and choral, as well as sacred chant by the nuns themselves and members of the choir. In addition it incorporates U2's hit song Mysterious Ways in an attempt to reach a broad, secular audience.

We Want You
We are looking for a few good men and women who are: violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists (a full string orchestra) & we want tenors, basses, baritones, altos, and sopranos.

Where and When
We will have one choir rehearsal at Monroe Street House, Inc. located in Northeast Washington, DC, on Thursday, July 3, from 8 to 10 pm. The actual recording will take place Friday, July 11, from 7 pm - 12 am at a local studio or the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Northeast DC. Email Martha Tudor,, for details.

6/19/2008 - New on the site: Production Stills

Check out the photos from our weekend of filming in New York! There are some great shots of Jordan and Nathan with the camera, Martha, Carol, and Liza out and about on location, and of course some pictures of the Sisters. View them now.

6/19/2008 - The rough cut of the film is DONE!

After several solid days of nothing but nun footage, Jordan has put together a rough version of the film, so we've gotten a sneak preview of what the movie will look like. We love it! Lots of great shots and moving images of the Sisters. There's still a lot of clean up that will need to take place, and we need to get final approval from each of the Orders, but it looks like we're on our way to making something really beautiful.

If you've been following along with the project, please keep us in your prayers! We are getting close to our deadline for when the film needs to be complete, and there are a lot of details still up in the air. We still need a large bulk of our funding, the musicians and a recording space for our score, and a way to get to Sydney, Autralia for the film's debut.

6/18/2008 - We're on Facebook!

We are now on Facebook! Become a fan.

6/17/2008 - Things are moving right along...

Jordan is hard at work editing down 10 hours of tape into one cohesive, 7-minute work of art. He reports that he got "a lot of good footage" during our weekend in New York and is excited about how it will look in the finished video. We hope to have a rough version of the film in the next few days!

In the world of music, Liza has come up with the initial "scratch music" for our soundtrack... and it sounds great! We are working to pull together a team of musicians to bring it to life: strings and a full choir. If you're interesting in becoming a part of the ensemble, email for details.

We are still in need of funds to make this film a reality, so if you can help, contact to find out how to make a donation.

6/3/2008 - The team is back from their weekend of filming in NYC!

On Friday the team met up with the Sisters of Life at their Visitation Convent in Manhattan, catching them just in time for an evening stroll down by the Hudson. Saturday we had a packed schedule, with breakfast and Mass back at the Visitation Convent, a CFR profession in the Bronx, and a Rosary Procession and garden Mass with the Missionaries of Charity. Sunday we wrapped up filming the MCs and moved on to the Sisters of Life at their Sacred Heart Convent in Manhattan, where we watched the Sisters kayak and bicycle, enjoyed a farewell dinner for one of their guests, and closed out the day with evening prayer. We spent all day Monday with the CFR Sisters in the Bronx and followed them as they did work to fix up their new convent, sang with a second-grade class at the school next door, and talked to neighborhood kids on the playground. Finally after 68 hours of nuns, we returned our equipment and packed up for D.C. It was an exhausting but fulfilling weekend, and we think we got some great footage! Grand total: Five masses in three days.

Next up for the team: Jordan starts work on editing, Liza composes our musical score, and Carol continues to track down donors for funding.

5/1/2008 - Photo Scouting

The team is preparing for a scouting weekend to New York City. We'll be meeting the Sisters face-to-face after months of phone conversations, seeing where they eat, sleep, pray... and we're pretty excited! Stay tuned to hear about highlights from our trip and how we fare in the Bronx...

4/29/2008 - Incorporation

Monroe Street House becomes incorporated!!
What does this mean? It means if you want to donate to our project, your contribution is tax-deductible, since we are now officially a Non-Profit Business. Email the team for details if you want to help!